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Facebook music challenge: Buffy

“The idea is to fill Facebook with music, breaking the monotony of selfies and sensationalism. If you ‘like’ this post you will be assigned a letter for a musician, band, artist or song for you to post on your timeline with this text.” I liked Sandra’s post a few days ago a... read more

Wes Bos – Modern Workflow + Tooling for Front-end Developers #fronteers15

Lets compare tooling to plumbing new type of fitting: Sharkbite Lego for plumbing snaps together instantly can connect any material to copper can be redone less prone to leaks more expensive less error prone plumbers: too expensive, too new changes the industry competely. Some people write off tooling as over-engeneering, ... read more

Soledad Penadés – Hands-On Web Audio #fronteers15

You can generate audio using JavaScript Tiny new language small vocabulary few grammar rules couple of ideoms AudioContext like canvas toolbox instance factory Nodes Taxonomy Generation Manipulation Analysis Audio Context as audio graph Modular routing Sound modulation connect() helps you to modulate from one node to another Gain nodes … Don’t ke... read more

Sally Jenkinson – An Introduction to Open Data #fronteers15

Open data Big data buzzwords 90% of the world’s data was created in the last 2 years Several ways to use data in your work Tea tracker for personal tea consumption Data is often restricted Only certain data is displayed Can’t use data freely restricted You sometimes can’t get your h... read more

Remy Sharp – The Art of Debugging #fronteers15

Personal debugging workflow Don’t Write Bugs! Although… the opposite is true the artifact of writing software is fixing bugs gives you experience no silver bullet to debugging you need to pick and chose the right tools debugging helps you to identify issues earlier Disclaimer 1: Frameworks? Don’t have a projec... read more

Rachel Andrew – But what about old browsers?!? #fronteers15

Lots of old techniques out there have been outdated. Layout methods have not. Still using the same techniques as we did years ago. Increasingly we’re using frameworks. Add markup. CSS processors. Hopes for layout: Flexbox CSS Grid Layout Box alignment module Give us source oder separation from visual layout pr... read more

Phil Hawksworth – Static Sites Go All Hollywood #fronteers15

Simplicity is not dumbing down. There is room for creativity even in relatively simple things. Let’s focus on what matters. Helps to provide the right optimizations for users. Benefits about static sites cheaper, simpler hosting fewer points of failure fewer vulnerabilities easier compliance greater portability sandboxed environments attrition avoidance Cr... read more

Scott Jehl — Delivering Responsibly #fronteers15

The web is a hostile environment. “It is a continuum.” (Jeremy Keith) Viewport sizes have become fluid, and they don’t need to be the same as the device’s screen size. Now we need to difference between simple and enhanced use cases. Many people use proxy browsers like Opera Mini – t... read more