Christopher Schmitt

My colleague Christopher Schmitt passed away. He was one of the most extraordinary people I have been allowed to meet.

I met Christopher in person for the first time when I spoke at AccessU Online in 2015. He was organizing the conference and his warm welcome made me immediately comfortable.

There I was, embraced by Christopher’s smile and his generosity to invite me to his event. Events, that I admired from afar and I only had a tiny bit of hope to be ever involved in. It was a busy day, so we did not get to speak a lot but his care and his passion really came through.

I was stoked when I learned that he was joining the team at Knowbility just a few years later. While his expertise and his knowledge of all things good HTML/CSS/JS were much appreciated and he helped with organizing our online events, his attitude and kindness had an even greater impact.

I cannot recall a meeting where he was not smiling, where he didn’t have a funny and/or insightful comment. He rarely took compliments for himself without highlighting the accomplishments of others in the team. He was just such a good person.

Christopher has touched so many of us with his kindness and positivity. The world needs more Christophers, not fewer. But here we are.

For an impression of how important Christopher was for all of us in the web community, read through the condolences on TwitterDave Rupertand Chris Coyer have also written about Christopher.

My thoughts are with his partner Ari and their families. 💔


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