Hello 11ty!

As a web developer, it is incredibly hard to just be happy with one’s website. You want to improve, and you want to make it better, always.

When I worked on this site the last time — apart from content updates, of course — I moved from Jekyll to Kirby. Now I have decided to move on from Kirby to Eleventy, a JavaScript-based static site generator.

There's no particular reason behind this change. I ran into some issues with the two languages on this site, and broke my Kirby installation briefly. And while it was quick to roll back, the overhead of a whole PHP application with Vue-powered backend felt wrong for a site that essentially publishes simple formatted hypertext.

So here we are. A simple theme, based on the eleventy-base-blog and a new coat of CSS paint is all I needed to release it. And for the first time I dabbled in using a variable font: Working with Recursive was a lot of fun, and it turned out to be very versatile.

I plan to write about the extremely simple CSS file and how I used CSS Custom Properties to make my life easier.

Expect that some posts are broken, converting between different Content Management Systems is always a challenge. If you find something, let me know.

Update October 2021: I changed back to Kirby.


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